Saturday, May 31, 2014

Change domain of wordpress

Hello, there is a very easy method of changing the domain name of the Wordpress Server.


1. Easiest of all
2. Fast
3. Requires least work
4. Does not need any site backup via ftp or any other method. (Not recommended)


1. Only works if you are only change domain name on your current hosting provider. For changing the host and the domain refer to
1. Needs access to cpanel and phpmyadmin of your hosting account
2. Basic knowledge of using graphical user interface (GUI)

What you want to do:

Change to on same hosting account.


Step 1: Go to cpanel of your hosting account and than to phpmyadmin. (Illustration 1)

Step 2: Now Click your database (Ilustration 2)

Step 3: Go to wp_options (Ilustration 3)

Note: Please note that table prefix (wp_) may be different in your case if you selected a different prefix during wordpress installation.
Step 4: Search for siteurl and home (Ilustration 4)

Step 5: Edit one of them at one time and change to your required domain as well as any folder where your wordpress is installed. (Ilustration 5) In my case the wordpress was installed directly into public_html folder. (Ilustration 6)

Step 6: Do this for both of these values

Step 7:
Check your site by going to the new URL and making sure that everything is working.

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